Psychic Twins – 24 predictions in 10 days!

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From Beyond the Gate Show – 1-20-2013. Follow this link to listen to David Baker’s Beyond the Gate January 20, 2013 show:

Houston Texas School Shooting – at Lone Star College, Houston – happened 1/22/13 

School shooting in Atlanta – happened 1/31/13

Shooting in Dallas Texas – happened 1/31/13

Vegas shootings – happened 1/22/13

Powerful 6.8 Earthquake in Chile – happened 1/30/13

6.0 Earthquake in Alaska – happened 1/31/13

5.3 Quake in Oregon  – happened 1/30/13

3.7 Quake near Seattle Washington – happened 1/30/13

32 Killer Tornadoes in Georgia and 6 states – happened 1/30/13

Sex scandal with N.J. Senator – happened 1/30/13

Cyber Hack by China on New York Times – happened 1/30/13

Hack attack on Department of Justice website – happened 1/26/13

VISA hack attack in Canada – happened 1/29/13

Cancer breakthrough – happened 1/23/13

2 HIV-AIDS breakthroughs – 1/23/13 and 1/24/13

Brain disease breakthrough – happened 1/23/13

Al Qaeda threatens “earth-shattering attack against US and Europe”  – 1/31/13

2 Ponzi schemes busted – happened late Jan. 2013

Gas prices highest ever in January – Jan. 2013

Scandals in celebrity news:

Beyonce lip-sync controversy

Manti T’eo Catfish scandal – fake girlfriend

Dan Marino admits having love child with CBS employee

Reality show scandal: American Idol sued for racism – All happened late January 25, 2013


The Psychic Twins predicted major breakthroughs in prevention and treatment of Cancer in 2013.

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(1/23/2013 | The Huffington Post) ‘Quadruple Helix’ DNA Found In Human Cells, May Aid Cancer Fight- Scientists at the University of Cambridge now report that they’ve found four-stranded “quadruple helix” DNA in human cells — and say it may prove helpful in the fight against cancer. The scientists behind the exciting new research have confirmed for the first time that these complex structures can be observed in human DNA.

- Predicted on Beyond the Gate 1/20/13


The Psychic Twins predicted “More frequent hack attacks on government and military info systems and computer networks in 2013…Major networks could be shut down.”

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(Jan. 26, 2013 |’Anonymous’ Hackers Attack Justice Department Website, Shut Down – Hackers sympathetic to the late computer prodigy Aaron Swartz claimed on Saturday to have infiltrated the website of the U.S. Justice Department’s Sentencing Commission, and said they planned to release sensitive government data about the DOJ. The Sentencing Commission site,, was shut down early Saturday

Identifying themselves as Anonymous, the hackers voiced outrage over Swartz’ suicide on January 11. The FBI is investigating the attack as a criminal investigation.

- Predicted on Beyond the Gate radio, 1/20/13


WHAT’S NEXT? The Girls With the Crystal Balls predict many world events to expect for 2013-14!

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The Psychic Twins, Terry and Linda Jamison, are visionaries who have shattered records and paradigms!
Listen to their world predictions for 2013-14 (Beyond the Gate Radio with hosts David and Cheryll Baker on 1/20/13). Six major predictions happened within the first four days following the broadcast.

Click here to hear the interview.


The Psychic Twins predicted lone wolf/school shootings in Houston, Texas and Las Vegas in 2013. Both happened two days later.

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The Psychic Twins predicted: “We do see more school attacks being likely in the the US in 2013 and next year. Not all will be thwarted. In some cases, young shooters… We’re seeing more lone wolf attacks, terror attacks…something with Las Vegas… an attack being plotted now. We’re seeing Texas… Dallas and Houston the focus of an attack…”
(January 22, 2013 | CNN) 3 students wounded in shooting at Lone Star College in Houston – Three people, including a gunman, were wounded in a shooting on the campus of Lone Star College in Houston. A fourth person suffered a heart attack, according to the federal law enforcement source. The campus was on lockdown for hours.

A suspect, Carlton Berry, 22, is now in custody.

- Predicted on Beyond the Gate radio with host David M. Baker 1/20/13

Las Vegas officer kills wife, son and then himself in burning home.
(January 22, 2013 | CNN) – A 52-year-old police lieutenant killed his wife and child, called 911 to say he was burning his house down and warned he would take the life of anyone who tried to stop him.

The act took place at a police lieutenant’s Las Vegas home. When a SWAT team arrived at the lieutenant’s Boulder City home, they found Hans Pieter Walters outside with what looked like a handgun.

Then he killed himself. Once firefighters put out the blaze that tore through the home, they found Walters’s body, his 46-year-old wife’s, and their five-year-old son’s.

The lieutenant worked for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, where he supervised patrol officers.

The wife, Kathryn, worked for some time as a Las Vegas police officer, the Las Vegas Review-Journal said.

- Predicted on Beyond the Gate with David M. Baker, host 1/20/13



The Psychic Twins guest star on The Jeff Probst Show (NBC) 1/10/2013

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The world famous Psychic Twins talk about their #1 bestselling book Psychic Intelligence, and their amazing world predictions.


Part 1.


Part 2.



The Psychic Twins predicted “Cyberattacks in the U.S., many from China, will be getting worse in 2012 and growing more sophisticated.”

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(September 20, 2012 | AP) BEIJING Chinese Cyber Attacks On U.S. Continue Totally Unabated. — Despite several years of escalating diplomacy and warnings, the U.S. is making little headway in its efforts to tamp down aggressive Chinese cyberattacks against American companies and the government, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said. Cybersecurity analysts say the computer-based attacks emanating from China continue unabated, and in fact are expanding and intently targeting critical American oil, gas and other lucrative energy companies. He said the China-backed hackers’ tactics are also evolving, and they are more often going after corporate computer systems by breaching software weaknesses.

- Predicted on Hay House Radio 12/12/11 and Beyond the Gate 2/19/12


The Psychic Twins predicted “Lone Wolf terror plots in New York and Florida in 2012 will be thwarted… Could be Al Qaeda-connected.”

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(December 18, 2012 | AP) FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Florida man thwarted in Christmas lights terror plot, targeted major NYC attractions. A Pakistani-born man wanted to avenge the deaths of U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan by blowing up a New York City landmark but lacked the money and materials to carry out the plan, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Gilbert said at a bail hearing that Raees Alam Qazi, 20, researched bomb-making techniques on Internet sites affiliated with al Qaeda, including one using Christmas tree lights, and the FBI recorded phone calls and conversations linking Qazi to a purported “lone wolf” plot. ”He fully intended to do this,” Gilbert said. Referring to casualties in U.S. drone attacks, she added: “He wants to avenge those deaths and kill people.”

Qazi traveled to New York last month. Investigators also found bomb-making and related components at the Qazi family home in Oakland Park, as well as explosives research evidence on a computer used by Qazi. Qazi was the intended operative, using either a suicide attack or a remote-control device to kill people in a crowded place such as New York’s Times Square, a Broadway theater or perhaps on Wall Street.

Qazi is charged along with his brother, 30-year-old taxi driver Sheheryar Alam Qazi, with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction in the U.S. Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges, which carry a potential life sentence if the men are convicted of both counts.

- Predicted on ‘Wings of Love’ 1/4/12, ‘Beyond the Gate’ 2/19/12, and Hay House radio (‘Spirit Connections’) 12/12/11


The Psychic Twins predicted: …We see major school attacks in 2012

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The Psychic Twins predicted: “We see more homegrown attacks, many being thwarted but some being successful, unfortunately…We see major school attacks in 2012, schools being victimized by young terrorists in the US.  You’re going to read more about lone wolf terror attacks, 3-7 homegrown attacks in this country, and one or two schools being victimized by young terrorists as well, sad to say…”

(December 14, 2012 |  The Washington Post ) - Sandy Hook Elementary shooting leaves 28 dead in Newtown Connecticut -  NEWTOWN, Conn.–A shooting rampage in this small Connecticut town on Friday morning left 28 people dead, including 20 children killed inside their elementary school, authorities said. The dead included the suspected gunman Adam Lanza, 20. Police said that Lanza first apparently killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, at the home they shared in Newtown. Then he drove in her car to Sandy Hook Elementary, the school at which Nancy Lanza taught kindergarten.

At the school, authorities said, Adam Lanza shot and killed six adults — including the school’s principal — and 20 children. They were shot in two different rooms of the school, police said. Police were called to the school after 9:35 a.m., and officers searched the classrooms for a shooter. When they found the gunman, however, he was dead by his own hand. No officer fired a shot. Friday’s shooting became the deadliest grade school shooting in U.S. History.

- Predicted on Wings of Love Radio with Allie Cheslick, 1/4/12.  Listen now:


The Psychic Twins predicted a lone wolf terror plot in Oregon for 2012.

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(December 12, 2012 | Reuters) Deadly Oregon mall shooting appeared to be lone wolf rampage. - A masked gunman who opened fire in the food court of a crowded Oregon shopping mall, killing two people and wounding a third before taking his own life, appears to have acted alone in a blind rampage with no known motive, police said on Wednesday.

Investigators identified the man behind Tuesday afternoon’s shooting as Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22, who they said had no significant criminal history and apparently acted without warning.

The weapon he used was described as an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, which the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said was stolen the day before the shooting from an unidentified acquaintance of the killer. Roberts also was believed to be carrying several fully loaded ammunition magazines when he walked into the Clackamas Town Center in the Portland suburb of Happy Valley, and moved swiftly to a food court at the center of the mall to start shooting, authorities said. He was wearing a hockey-style mask at the time.

- Predicted on Beyond the Gate 2/19/12