The Psychic Twins made the following predictions on national TV and radio or in national magazines from 1998 to 2014. All of them happened.

The Psychic Twins Malaysia MH370 Prediction.

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Later confirmed by Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The Psychic Twins accurately predicted the fate of Malaysia Flight MH370 on the TV show “Sisters for the Soul” March 20, 2014. Here is an excerpt from that show. On March 24, 2014, authorities confirmed that the missing Malaysia plane did crash in the remote Southern Indian Ocean.

Sadly, all lives were lost.


What’s next for 2014?

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The Psychic Twins’
2014-15 World Predictions Show

A record 30 major world predictions have already happened since The Psychic Twins 2014-15 World Predictions Show aired LIVE on 1/6/14!

The Psychic Twins 2014-15 World Predictions Show on Beyond the Gate Radio with hosts David M. Baker and Christine Baker (Broadcast LIVE January 6, 2014)



Interview with world’s most documented psychics, The Psychic Twins in StarPulse!

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“The Psychic Twins: Nostradamus in Stilettos” – Interview with world’s most documented psychics, The Psychic Twins in StarPulse! Click here to read it on StarPulse.



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The Psychic Twins’ 2013-14 Predictions Show on Beyond the Gate Radio now:

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

• LAX mass shooting – Lone wolf terror – First TSA agent killed on duty. 3 LAX terminals evacuated after three TSA agents and several others were shot at Los Angeles International Airport. Gunman with assault rifle and gun was wounded, could face death penalty. (10/2/13)

• U.S. Capitol and White House Terror – Female killed after she rams White House gate with her car and leads police on a high-speed chase, ending in a shootout at the U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, DC. (10/3/13)

• Dallas shooting rampage leaves 5 dead – Suspect captured in multiple shootings and a fire. (10/29/13) – Predicted on both Beyond the Gate 1/20/13 and The Allie Cheslick Show 6/2/13.

• JFK Airport: man arrested carrying 2 rifles, 2 handguns and high-capacity ammo at John F. Kennedy International Airport. (10/26/13)

• Beloved Boston teacher Colleen Ritzer killed by student, age 14. (10/23/13)

• Nevada School Shooting: 2 people dead and two wounded at Sparks Middle School after a young student, 12, opened fire and killed a math teacher and himself. (10/21/13)

• Shooting at Las Vegas Bally’s Casino – one man dead, 2 wounded. (10/21/13)

• Phoenix, Arizona shooting – gunman kills 4 people and self. (10/26/13) (Predicted on both radio shows).

• Tennessee Navy Base shooting, 2 National Guardsmen shot by fellow guardsman. (10/24/13) – The Psychic Twins had predicted on Beyond the Gate that military bases and Tennessee would be targeted.

• 6 people dead after South Carolina home shooting. (10/30/13)

• Florida bomb scare, Jacksonville International Airport, Florida. Two suspects arrested, airport shut down. (10/2/13)

• North Africa Terror: growing Al Qaeda terror threat revealed.

• Two French radio journalists Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon found dead in northern Mali. Kidal was one of the strongholds of the Islamic militant Tuareg uprising last year that plunged Mali into chaos after a military-led coup. Following the coup, the al Qaeda-linked Tuareg rebels occupied the northern half of the country. (11/2/13)

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyberattacks

• Stock market correction: Stock market suffers biggest 2-day loss since June. Tech stocks crushed as debt deadline looms. Nasdaq lost 2% on the day. (10/8/13)

• Bernie Madoff insists that J.P. Morgan and other banks knew and were complicit in his massive Ponzi scheme that defrauded customers out of billions. (10/26/13)

• President Obama’s Facebook and Twitter pages were hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. (10/28/13)

October Political Scandals

• The Psychic Twins: “We are seeing at least two high-profile political scandals this year [2013] involving high-ranking officials…This is ‘The Year of the Scandal!’ Scandals will be in the news more than ever in 2013…”

• NSA Monitored Phone Calls of 35 World Leaders, according to classified documents leaked by fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden. (10/24/13)

• Worst spat between US and Germany in a decade: US bugged the personal cell phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The White House did not deny the accusations. (10/24/13)

• US Naval Commanders Face Unprecedented Bribery Scandal – Two Warship Commanders Relieved from Japan-based USS Bonhomme Richard. The scandal involves prostitutes, luxury travel and hundreds of millions of dollars in government contracts. (10/3/13)

• Obamacare website disaster – Massive malfunctions to Obama’s signature legislation causes uproar; only 6 people enrolled first day of launch. Despite promises that “You can keep your policy” an estimated 3.5 million Americans have already seen their policies cancelled, and many policies are skyrocketing in cost. (10/1/13)

• Obama administration accused of cronyism after it is revealed that First Lady Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is a top executive at the company that earned the $678 Million no-bid contract to build the Obamacare website at Toni Townes-Whitley is senior vice president at CGI Federal. (10/25/13)

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

• Alzheimer’s chemical hailed as “turning point” to control and prevent the disease – British scientists discover first drug that stops disease’s neurodegeneration (death of brain tissue) in mice. Could also treat Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and other diseases. (10/10/13)

• New Breast Cancer drug – exemestane reduces risk of ER-positive breast cancer by up to 73%. (10/3/13)

• HIV Breakthrough – Virus-sabotaging protein “A3” discovery may help disrupt virus’ replication, defy HIV. (10/1713)

• HIV Breakthrough – A powerful infusion of HIV-fighting antibodies offer a potential next step in the battle against HIV (Harvard study). 10/30/13

• Alzheimers Breakthrough – 11 New Genes to target, doubles the number of potential genetics-based therapeutic targets. “The IGAP team has identified more genes than in the previous 20 years.” (10/31/13)

• Breast Cancer Test– British Journal of Cancer: Test that identifies seven classes of breast cancer offers new hope. (10/29/13)

• Parkinson’s Breakthrough – New drug may provide first safe, effective treatment for psychotic symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. (11/1/13)

• Arthritis – Arthritis drug effective, safe – Apremilast significantly improves symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis. (10/26/13)

• Fibromyalgia solved: Fibro confirmed to be a pathology, not in the mind. NBCI has claimed to have discovered cause for Fibromyalgia (previously thought to be psychosomatic or “in the mind.” (10/17/13)

Major Earthquakes

• 7.6 earthquake jolts Japan – Island of Honshu. (10/25/13)

• 6.8 earthquake strikes western Mexico coast. (10/19/13)

• Strong 6.6 quake rocks Taiwan. (10/31/13)

• 6.6 quake rocks Santiago, Chile. (10/31/13)

Extreme Weather

• Huge tornadoes strike Iowa and Nebraska. 13 people injured. (10/4/13)

• Tornadoes touched down in KY, AR and Ohio (10/29/13)

• Kentucky hit by massive floods, 100 homes evacuated. (10/6/13)

• Severe Storms Flood Texas on Tear Across US – more than 100 rescued from floodwaters, some fatalities. (10/31/13)

• Kansas City, Missouri: A violent Halloween storm swept from the U.S. Gulf Coast up to the eastern Great Lakes killing at least four people, three in Texas and one in Tennessee, and contributed to the overturning of a school bus in a rain-swollen creek in Kansas.

• Tornadoes in Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky and Illinois, although none did major damage. (11/1/13)



Written by The Psychic Twins

Economic, General Interest, Medical, Natural Disasters, Predictions, Radio Appearances, Terrorism, What's New, World

As always, our prayers are with everyone affected by these extreme events. All were predicted on Beyond the Gate Radio Show with host David M. Baker, 1/20/13 or The Allie Cheslick Show 6/2/13, as well as Coast to Coast AM)

The Psychic Twins’ 2013 Predictions Show on Beyond the Gate Radio now:

Terrorism and Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings

Washington DC Navy Yard Massacre – one of the worst mass shootings in US history. – The Psychic Twins predicted: “Lone wolf attacks…Washington D.C. will be targeted…a terror plot this summer.” Sadly, this happened at Washington D.C. Naval Command HQ. 26 people shot and 13 dead. (September 16, 2013) Prayers out to all the victims and their families. – Predicted on The Allie Cheslick Show June 2, 2013 and Beyond the Gate January 20, 2013

• 72 dead in Kenya, Africa mall terror attack – 15 Al Qaeda gunmen attacked the upscale Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack, which lasted until September 24, resulted in at least 72 deaths, including 61 civilians, 6 Kenyan soldiers, and 5 attackers. The attackers held hostages and later engaged in gun battles with Kenyan security forces. Over 200 people were held hostage and were reportedly wounded in the mass shooting. The Islamist group Al-Shabaab of Somalia claimed responsibility for the incident. (9/21/13)

• Nigeria terror attack – At least 90 students killed by Al Qaeda militants in college dormitory, Nigeria. Attack by suspected Boko Haram members on the Yobe State College of Agriculture, Guijba. (9/29/13)

• Al-Qaeda calls for terror strikes against the US in 9/11 anniversary message, advocates ‘lone wolf’ strikes like the Boston bombings. (9/11/13)

• Egypt minister survived assassination attempt – bombing. Warns of Islamic terrorism wave. (9/5/13)

• Al-Qaeda kills at least 38 Yemeni troops. (9/20/13)

• 13 people shot in Chicago park. (9/19/13)

• 3 killed, 23 wounded in Chicago shootings. (9/20/13)

• Four young people killed in Tennessee lone wolf attack. (9/13/13).

• Las Vegas Terrorist plot to kidnap and kill cops thwarted in sting operation. (8/23/13)

• Filmmaker asserts new evidence on crash of TWA Flight 800 offers solid proof it was “no accident: there was an asymmetric explosion coming out of that plane – something that didn’t happen in the official theory.” In 1999, The Psychic Twins had said “There was an explosion in the plane. This crash was not an accident.” (In an interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM, 11/2/99) The documentary came out 6/20/13. London murder plot on Prince Harry thwarted. A White Muslim convert has been arrested, planned to kill Prince Harry in ‘Operation Regal’ attack. (9/21/13)

• Pakistan suicide bombers kill 85, wound 140 at Christian Church. (9/22/13)

• Massacre of 52 Iranians at exile camp in Iraq. (9/20/13)

Atlanta school shooting plot, lone wolf gunman shot AK-47 in school. (8/21/13)


• Cybercriminals Led by Two Ukrainian Nationals Hacked 15 Financial Firms for $15 Million Over 2 Years – 8 charged. JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, E*Trade, PayPal, TD Ameritrade were among biggest firms hacked. (6/14/13)

Economy / Financial Fraud/ Scandals Political Scandals

• The Psychic Twins: “We are seeing at least two high-profile political scandals this year [2013] involving high-ranking officials…This is ‘The Year of the Scandal!’ Scandals will be in the news more than ever in 2013…”

US Federal Government Shutdown – First in 17 Years. 800,000 government workers furloughed without pay. (9/30/13)

• The Psychic Twins predicted “a stock correction in September 2013” – Dow Jones Industrial average plunges 170 points as government shutdown nears. Market was down for two weeks in September. (9/30/13)

• $300 Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme – SEC charged five former executives with defrauding investors in resorts scam. (2013)

• $39 Million Dollar Real Estate Scheme – SEC charged three Bay area real estate fund managers with Ponzi scheme. (2013)

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

• Lung Cancer Breakthrough – Garlic can prevent lung cancer by up to 30% – natural treatment (8/18/13)

• Lung Cancer drug from Roche shrinks Lung Cancer Tumors in 26% of Smokers in Trial. (9/29/13)

• Chinese Medicine Offers Hope for Cancer – new formula works to stop cancer spreading, say experts from universities in Cardiff and Peking. (9/28/13)

• HIV Breakthrough – DAVEI can disarm virus. (9/19/13)

• HIV Vaccine Breakthrough – clears HIV-like virus in monkeys (9/11/13)

• Roche drug treats Breast Cancer – FDA scientists back accelerated approval of Perjeta. (9/10/13)

• Breast Cancer recurrence may be predicted over 10-year period with genetic test – can identify high or low risk. (9/13/13)

• Alzheimer’s Breakthrough – New scan may diagnose disease as brain changes occur. (9/20/13)

• Alzheimer’s Protein Discovered – Yale School of Medicine researchers have discovered the protein that is missing link. (9/4/13)

• Vitamin B, B6, B12 and Folic Acid Found to Slow Alzheimer’s – natural treatment (5/21/13)

• Promising Drug Breakthrough for Type 1 Diabetes – helps body produce its own insulin. (9/22/13)

• Parkinson’s Brain Cells Breakthrough – Scientists have generated stem cells from aggressive form of Parkinson’s Disease. (9/23/13)

• Treatment for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia with Leukemia drug. Can halt production of toxic proteins in the brain. (5/10/13)

• Digestive Disease Breakthrough – bottled mucus may help inflammatory digestive diseases (IBD, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease) – BBC News (9/26/13)

Major Earthquakes

• New Zealand earthquake – Powerful 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands. (9/30/13).

Extreme Weather

• 1,000 Year Flood – “Biblical” rainfall, historic flooding devastates Colorado. The historic deluge affected a 4,500 square-mile section of the state the size of Connecticut. 10 dead and dozens unaccounted for, 19,000 homes and 50 bridges destroyed. The massive floods in Colorado are being called the “1,000 Year Flood” – one so rare that the amount of rainfall is likely to occur less than once every 1,000 years. (September 13-15, 2013)

• Super Typhoon Usagi, Strongest Storm on Earth in 2013 Hits China, Hong Kong.  The Psychic Twins predicted Super Typhoon Usagi, which hit China and Taiwan this week, bringing chaos and destruction. The Mega-Cyclone covered an area 600 miles wide, and is considered the worst in 50 years. The storm caused 33 fatalities in China, 20 in the Philippines and 2 in Taiwan bringing the storm’s death toll to 55. (September 21-22, 2013)

• Two major hurricanes lash Mexico Gulf, 110 dead amid “historic floods.” More than a million affected. (September 18, 2013) Hurricane Ingrid and Hurricane Manuel caused flooding in all the Gulf states from Texas to Georgia.