The Psychic Twins predicted “Homegrown terror plot on Obama thwarted in 2012, with a Florida connection.”

Written by The Psychic Twins

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( May 19, 2012 | CHICAGO – 3 charged in terror plot in Chicago that included Obama campaign headquarters. Three men face terrorism and explosives charges in connection with a plot that allegedly included an attack on President Obama’s campaign headquarters, the mayor’s mansion, police stations and squad cars. The men had traveled from Florida to Chicago.Officials said a raid of the apartment in which the men were staying uncovered petroleum bombs known as Molotov cocktails, bows and arrows, throwing stars and gas masks. Thousands of people, including protesters, have been in Chicago for days ahead of the two-day NATO Summit that starts Sunday. “These individuals are domestic terrorists who came to Chicago with an anarchist agenda to harm police officers, intimidate citizens and to attack their politically motivated targets,” said Anita Alvarez, a prosecutor.

- Predicted on Hay House Radio 12/12/11