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Futurescope February 2017

Futurescope, Media, Newsletter

THE PSY-TWINS X-FILES: ALIEN ABDUCTIONS Greetings all Friends, Fans, and Future Fanatics spanning the globe… Do you believe in space aliens? Have you ever seen a UFO? Do you think you’ve been abducted by aliens? There have been thousands of…


Futurescope December 2016

Futurescope, Media, Newsletter

LAST CHRISTMAS: THE DEATH OF POP MUSIC ICON GEORGE MICHAEL Last Christmas, I gave you my heart But the very next day, you gave it away This year, to save me from tears I’ll give it to someone special –…

The Psychic Twins’ Twintro!

Media, YouTube

This is The Psychic Twins’ new animated intro for their YouTube channel (Animation by Adam Nickel based on cartoons by Linda Jamison) Adam Nickel is a motion graphics designer/editor working in LA. He is available for freelance work. Check him…


Futurescope October 2016

Futurescope, Media, Newsletter

COMING NOVEMBER! OUR NEW ZODIAC LINE OF CLOTHING, JEWELRY AND GEAR!!! Greetings to all our Friends, Fans, and Future Fanatics spanning the globe! Welcome all new subscribers…We’re so excited to announce our new merch designs coming out in November! We…


Books Written by Terry & Linda Jamison

BOOK, Media, product

It all started with “Separated at Earth“. This marked the first of (so far!) three books penned by Terry and Linda. It wasn’t long after it’s release when “Psychic Intelligence” premiered as a best seller on Amazon. Now, “Died Too…


Futurescope August 2016

Futurescope, Media, Newsletter, Predictions

Greetings to all ourFriends, Fans, and Future Fanatics spanning the globe! Psychic Dating [Excerpt from our world #1 bestseller Psychic Intelligence] Many of us tend to worship at the “Shrine of the Holy Soulmate.” When we are lost in love,…